Commercial Premises are some of the largest users of energy. Their consumption of power to heat and cool water contributes greatly to the worlds greenhouse gas emissions and the occupiers of these buildings have a huge and growing cost for this energy use.

OH4 Heat Transfer System is a physical product that will work alongside your existing energy saving technologies and Building Management Systems. Using OH4 Heat Transfer System will enhance the efficiency of any heating system further reducing fuel usage and cost.

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OH4 Heat Transfer System has been used in many commercial settings including: hospitals, hotels, student residences, nursing homes, offices, warehouses and holiday parks. In each case OH4 Heat Transfer System has generated results between 13% and 31% saving in fuel used and similar reduction in cost.

OH4 Heat Transfer System will reduce your costs and help you contribute to reducing the effects of climate change and will pay for itself in 12 months to 24 months.


A care home with 50 residents on average spends around £50,000 a year on gas and electricity and on average 70% of a care homes energy cost goes on heating. Using these figures a 50 resident care home was spending approximately £35,000 a year on heating. Following the recent price rise that has risen to approximately £54,000 per annum. 

Installation of OH4 Heat Transfer System will make a saving in the range of £7,000 per annum to £15,000 per annum. With a payback in 12 to 24 months.