Revolutionary, self-adhesive, pre-programmed magnetic tape that reduces fuel usage in heating and cooling systems

When applied to the cold water feed and heating return pipes of heating and cooling systems OH4 Heat Transfer System improves the efficiency of the fluid in the pipe, increasing the heat transfer capabilities of the fluid.

OH4 Heat Transfer System is quick and easy to install, it is non invasive, requiring no breaking into the heating or cooling system and no need for the system to be shut down at installation.

Once installed OH4 Heat Transfer System will work indefinitely to reduce your fuel consumption and potentially greenhouse gas emissions with no external power source required.  The product will outlast the heating system and can be used again and again.

Our testing has shown between 13% and 31% saving on fuel bills and reduction in fuel usage with a typical household saving in excess of £250 every year, resulting in a payback period (excluding installation cost) of 12 months on average.

1. Once installed there is no ongoing maintenance, no parasitic load and the product will continue to work indefinitely.

2. OH4 Tape can be reused on future systems when it has outlived the initial system on which it is installed.

3. Zero maintenance. Zero ongoing costs. Zero downtime.