The problem of climate change in today's world is clear and needs multiple solutions.

Environmental damage caused by heating and cooling of premises contributes to around 30% of greenhouse gas emissions according to the UN, Global Status Report. If we are to make a significant impact on reducing global warming this needs to be addressed.

In addition to the environmental damage the rising cost of gas, electricity and oil is putting huge pressure on families and businesses leading to increased fuel poverty within society. 

The added problem is that efficient and environmentally friendly heating solutions often require a large capital expenditure and overhaul of a heating system.

For example a ground source heat pump will cost in the region of £12,000 including pipework and array. The ground source heat pump will reduce fuel usage by 20-30% however there is no saving to the customer because of the cost of switching from gas to electric.

This is where OH4 Heat Transfer System is an attractive part of the solution to all of these problems.  OH4 Heat Transfer System will provide a similar reduction in energy usage to the ground source heat pump but with no change from gas to electric the saving goes straight to the consumer. Typically an installation of OH4 Heat Transfer System will pay for itself in savings in under 24 months (excluding installation cost).

 The slow payback on investment in green technology such as a heat pump or solar panels means it is a long term investment. OH4 Heat Transfer System typically pays for itself in 12-24 months and if added to a renewable energy system will speed up the payback of that system also.