Our Commitment To Testing & Improvement

OH4 are committed to ongoing testing to ensure that our product is safe, effective and the best that it can be.

OH4 Heat Transfer System has been tested on heating systems in both the public and private sector and has been successfully installed in homes, hospitals, care homes, hotels, holiday parks, university halls of residence and various industrial processes.  The product has been tested on gas boilers, electric boilers, oil boilers, ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and dairy cooling systems.  We need to know that when we offer OH4 Heat Transfer System to you that it does exactly what we say it does and it is this commitment to accuracy and innovation that drives us.

OH4 have undertaken independent testing with University of Exeter and have applied to the European Union Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) scheme. 

With our commitment to testing you can be assured that when you buy OH4 Heat Transfer System you are buying a product that does exactly what it says it does.  It reduces fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions and it saves you money. 

Simple, effective and affordable.

Ground Source Heat Pump Test

•2# 12KW Kensa Evo Series Ground Source Heat Pumps set to identical performance producing 50 degrees Celsius. One heat pump was fitted with OH4 Tape the other was not.•No OH4T – Running time 5.5 hours per day•OH4T – Running time 4 hours per day fuel saving 27%•Test Independently carried out by JC Services

*results may vary depending on equipment 


Data Testing Penryn Feb – April 2022
Gas Combi Boiler on a 3 bedroom house. Smart Meter data for gas usage collected between 1 February and 9 April 2022.

OH4 Heat Transfer System fitted on 9 March 2022 Degrees days data collected for the whole period from www.degreedays.net using a base temperature of 18 degrees Celsius

Comparison of the Smart Meter data shows a 13% reduction in KWh per degree day for the period after the OH4 Heat Transfer System was fitted.